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NAME: Affiliate Bootcamp

OWNER: Russell Brunson




Affiliate Bootcamp is another awesome training product from internet entrepreneur and best-selling author Russell Brunson.

Russell is the owner of the funnel building software company ClickFunnels and he has created this online training course to teach online marketers how they can retire as a ClickFunnels affiliate in 100 days, simply by promoting ClickFunnels itself.

ClickFunnels is basically a software that lets you design and creates sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel.


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Affiliate BootCamp

Affiliate BootCamp














  • Comprehensive training on how to get over 4k per month recurring commissions by promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate marketer.
  • High-quality products to promote.
  • Build a long-term affiliate marketing business from scratch.
  • Behind the scenes footage of Russell’s DotCom Secrets Ignite program that sells for $497 for free.
  • 40% commissions
  • “Sticky cookies” that tracks any future products sold so you receive extra commissions.
  • Awesome training, tools, and support.
  • Bonus funnels, scripts and more.
  • Grow your own list off affiliates and receive 5% commissions on what they sell as well.

And much, much more…



  • There is a LOT of training to go through.
  • A commitment of 1-2 hours a day, most days to keep up, although you can go through at your own pace.
  • Not “get rich quick” – It will take time and effort to build a successful business.

You are expected to invest in Facebook ADS, but there is comprehensive training so you are able to become profitable very quickly.



The goal of the Affiliate Bootcamp is simply to teach you how to give away one free ClickFunnels trial a day, which will ultimately lead to 100 paid ClickFunnels customers.

This will then give you a residual income of $4,000 per month and allow you to potentially leave your job and retire as a ClickFunnels super affiliate.

There are 100 days of training that is delivered in an online membership site in video form, as well as worksheets, swipe files, bonuses, Facebook group support, and built out funnels to help you have success.

The training is delivered by Russell Brunson, also showing you behind the scenes training footage of his DotCom Secrets Ignite program, that people paid $997 to attend.

Additional training comes from Kevin Tjia, who is the ClickFunnels Affiliate Manager, and he really puts his heart and soul into this project to help you achieve success.


This is easily a $1000 product, but Russell is giving this away for free.

I think he genuinely cares – Of all the online marketing “gurus” or experts that I have come across over the last several years, Russell is the guy that resonates with me the most. He has great products and services, that he knows can change people’s lives, but he also gives an enormous amount of information away for free.

The more successful ClickFunnels affiliate Russell can help you become, the more money he will make as well! – If you make money doing this, then Russell does as well.

As well as promoting ClickFunnels itself, the training will teach you how to build out backend funnels that promote Russell’s many other quality products as well.


You will learn how to create and run Facebook Ads, that are profitable or at least break-even on the front end, and then sell additional products from your backend funnels, so you can grow your affiliate marketing business faster, and scale it to any level you want.


All the while, building up your ongoing residual income as you reach your goal of 100 ClickFunnels users.


As an added incentive, if you reach 100 CF subscribers, Russell will pay $500 towards the lease of your dream car, AND double it to $1000 if you reach 200 users!

The bottom line is that all the training you need to build the foundation of a successful affiliate marketing business promoting ClickFunnels is included in the membership area.


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Dream Car

Dream Car














If you have any previous experience as an affiliate or online marketer, then you will hit the ground running with this program.

ClickFunnels has excellent products and if they are promoted in the right way, such as you are being taught, then they sell like hot cakes!

Newbies will find it more difficult, just because of the steep learning curve, but if they follow the training and take their time, they can and will have success.

Although the training is designed to be completed in 100 days, you can go through it at your own pace (I know I can’t keep up).



As I said previously there is an enormous amount of training that begins by building your foundation.

You will learn the “secret formula” to find your dream customers, learn about building your own attractive character, about traffic, Facebook Ads, creating your own follow-up email sequences, building your front-end and back-end funnel and that’s just in the first week.

You will also have ClickFunnels to use so you can build out your funnels, as well as marketing scripts and more.

There are also regular webinars and Facebook Live training for additional support.



You can contact ClickFunnels support by email at any time, and they really do a great job.

There is also a Facebook group support page, where you can get great help and support from currently over 15,000 other fellow affiliate marketers.

Kevin Tjia, in particular, is a great support in the group, and he holds regular Facebook Live training to help out.

Russell himself will also pop in now and then with some helpful advice.











As I mentioned earlier, this Bootcamp is absolutely FREE!

I believe that this product could easily sell for $1000 and it would still be totally worth it!

My Final Thoughts

This is hands down the best and most comprehensive affiliate marketing course I have seen.

Everything that you need is included to achieve your goal of 100 subscribers and to retire as a ClickFunnels super affiliate in 100 days and win your dream car.

Even if it takes you a year to complete the course, it will be more than worth it.

ClickFunnels is an awesome product to promote, and when you learn how to place it in front of the right people (which you will learn in the Bootcamp) it really does almost sell itself!  And the best part of all is that it’s FREE!

Thanks for reading my review on Affiliate Bootcamp, if you would like to find out more or just need to ask some questions, please feel free to comment below.


Joanne Smith

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Affiliate BootCamp

Affiliate BootCamp



13 thoughts on “Affiliate Bootcamp

  1. shrey

    The fact that this program is free absolutely makes it worth checking out and I’m definitely interested in checking it out.
    The amount of information he gives for free is really impressive and I think this is a really great platform for beginners like me to get started. Thanks for introducing me to this program.

  2. stefanie

    Wow, this really sounds like a great product, though I’m confused how anyone ever makes money if the whole thing is given away for free? Maybe I missed something and you can enlighten me?
    Really well written and interesting though and I would certainly think about joining as I love the thought of working from anywhere in the world. It’s always been my dream.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Stefanie, thanks for reading. Russell Brunson gives this course away so that he can train people up as affiliates to sell his products. Which in turn makes him money and the affiliate also makes money as well. He does pay quite a high commission base for some of his products. And what’s also good with this free training is that you can use these skills to sell your own products as well, so your not limited to just one company. It’s a lot of training to go through, but so worth it in the end. Have a great day.


  3. Amit Misal

    hi Joanne,
    I just visited your site and found the review very helpful.
    I myself signed for the program from Russell’s last week and have been receiving training emails which I neglected.
    DO you think that I should join and consider the free course and that could help me make money, if yes how much time would it take, I do not mind spending on FB ads, what other expenses are involved.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Amit. Its defiantly worth trying, the training can take 100 days if your prepared to spend at least 1 to 2 hours a day studying. It also depends on your experience. If your new to affiliate marketing and very inexperienced like I was, then it will take you a lot longer ( It took me almost 7 months to complete ). Being a complete newbie to the whole internet marketing, i did find it extremely hard at first and found it a little overwhelming, so i took my time with the course.Its been so worth it though and know its really starting to pay off for me. As far as ongoing costs, to start with the course is totally free, if you decide to join their ClickFunnels platform ( you don’t have to join this to sell their products, however they do have a free 14 day trial to test it out ) It can cost you $97 per month. Facebook Ads can start as little as $5 to $100 a day, depends on what you want to spend on them. Even if you just do their training and nothing else, you will gain a lot of experience so there really is nothing to loose by joining up. Hope that helps you a little.



  4. alifedesignbyme

    Wow! I’m so happy I came across this website.
    I’m a beginner and I’m looking for relevant information and courses to become an online marketer. I’ve been reading a lot of negative reviews about scams and platforms that ask people to invest lots of money and they get no income at all, so that makes me cautious when it comes to these programs.
    This sounds great and the fact that it’s free makes it even more interesting. Nice post. Congrats

  5. Brian

    Wow, thank you for sharing Affiliate Bootcamp. You can’t beat free especially when it has that much information and shares with you how you can make extra income. It is surprising that there is a lot of information to go through and it’s great that there is a Facebook group for extra support if you need it. I like how you stated that it is not a get rich scheme and it that will take time to earn money if you are willing to work at it. What has been your experience with it thus far?

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Brian, thanks for reading. My experience so far, well it took me a little over 7 months to finish this course, being a complete newbie to everything. But it really depends what level your at, if your an experienced marketer you’ll fly through it. For me it’s really only starting to pay off now, won’t be able to retire but come Christmas, I’m hoping to cut my hours down at work to part time. 



  6. roamy

    Hello Joanne
    Thanks for sharing your affiliate bootcamp tips, really interesting read.
    You mentioned click funnels and the training and it taking just 100 days, now what I did not understand is, let`s say im a slow learner( I know I’m slow as English is not my language so there is a lot of repeating until I get a point)
    Will the price go up or does it still remain free?
    Now you mention selling click funnels as an affiliate,what if one wants to join the program to learn but does not want to promote the product?
    Thanks for your answer

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Roamy, the course itself took me almost 7 months to complete, once you join its always free and you can take as long as you like to complete the course. As far as not wanting to sell clickfunnels as an affiliate, thats okay to, just use the training to learn and you can sell your own products. Hope that helps but if you need to ask anything else just drop me a line.



  7. Tara


    Thanks for the info. I’ve been reading a lot about it but hadn’t had the chance to check it out yet. Thanks to your info, I joined.
    I love the way you laid it out. So easy to follow. You gave me the info I needed. Thank you!

  8. Alexander

    Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Bootcamp looks like a descent program.

    I like that it includes a lot of Free information.

    Is the information useful even if you don’t want to join and promote click funnels?

    I’m assuming after the free trial there is a monthly fee to stay on with click funnels. How much is that?

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