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Work from Home

Work From Home


GOOD: NO experience! NO interviews! NO time clocks to punch!
BETTER: FREE tech support and tutorials. Anyone who can use a home computer an churn out mobile apps with our customizable templates. HUNDREDS to choose from.
BEST: TREMENDOUS REVENUE POTENTIAL. You set your own fees and keep 100% of the profits.


Some companies charge tens of thousands of dollars to create apps for their clients! With our Business subscription plan you can create an unlimited number of apps for only $99/month! Set your own prices for creating apps. ALL BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS ARE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS AND YOU KEEP 100% OF THE PROFITS.

Use ads or social media to generate clients. Even friends and family members may need apps for their special events. Who hasn’t had a friend or relative who got married, had a family reunion, or even threw a big party recently? App possibilities are endless; as is your imagination. Remember, there are hundreds of customizable templates including:

Apps that make your CUSTOMERS money >>> game apps, business apps, restaurant apps
Apps to entertain >>> sports apps, band and music apps
Apps for events >>> wedding apps, apps for conferences, special events


With our vast library of easy-to-understand tutorials, you can create your very first app in hours, then create an additional 20 apps by the end of the week! NO CODING EXPERIENCE NEEDED. If you have a question, simply open a support ticket and one of our highly skilled staff members with get back to you with an answer to your question.



Sample plan 1. Start by creating apps for friends and family, such as event apps or game apps with their photos (or convert photos to cartoon versions with third-party online software). Charge $50, $100, or even $500 dollars per app, based on the complexity of the app and the time it requires you to complete it. Have them to show the apps you created to their friends and co-workers and mention your GREAT prices and VAST library of templates. Consider offering a discount if they allow you to insert your non-intrusive ads from Admob/Revmob at the bottom of their app. That way, you will earn the upfront app creation fee PLUS ongoing ad revenues! Offer a referral fee of $10-$100 per new client referred to you to keep new clients rolling in at a fast pace.

Sample plan 2. Unleash the extraordinary power of social media to bring in new clients from your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

Sample plan 3. Develop your niche market and establish yourself as a leading expert in that market. For instance, many moms would love for their small children to be able to play with an app in which they are the main character. Also, we all know teenagers love apps and parents want their teens to view safe material, so why not create custom entertainment and game apps featuring photos of teenagers and teen-friendly material? How many grateful moms would tell their friends about your business? You might just get too much business to handle in your spare time, but that’s okay. You can train virtually anyone to create custom apps with our templates. Who, you? An employer? Why not?

Sample plans 4 thru 1,000. Whatever your amazing mind can imagine!

As is the case in most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. If you spend a lot of time cultivating your business and bringing in new clients (as well as doing repeat business for old clients), you are only limited by your time and imagination! You can invest 1 hr/week or 80 hrs/week and your income should reflect that.

Let’s say you charge $100/app. If you create 1 app/week your return on investment (ROI) is $300+/month ($400 fees paid to you by your clients minus the $99 monthly Business subscription fee). If you charge $200/app and do 1 app every other week, your ROI is the same. But if you do 20 apps per week at $200/app, your ROI is $15,900 per month, and yes, this degree of productivity is possible without quitting your full-time job.


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