ClickFunnels – My Review

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a tool specifically designed to help people implement sales funnels in their business.

A typical funnel will incorporate one or more opt-in pages, an email auto responder (to send a sequence of emails that move them up your value ladder), plus one or more sales pages, order forms, additional content, member’s area etc.


In the past this would require you to have a website, hosting, an autoresponder service, landing page software, split-testing software, membership site software, and probably a host of designers and programmers to blend the whole lot together.


ClickFunnels lets you do all of this on one platform.

This saves you a lot of money instead of buying all the different products and services, it also saves you the headache of trying to make a lot of tools work together.


Many people spend a lot of time managing their website, without giving much thought to their actual sales process or funnel. With ClickFunnels you don’t even need a website anymore.


Anything that is not part of your funnel is essentially pointless! ClickFunnels will let you create all your optin pages, sales pages, email sequences, membership areas, online training courses etc, and link them together to build your funnel.


With ClickFunnels you can easily create:

  • Optin/Lead Capture Funnels – Used to capture email addresses of your visitors and grow your mailing list.
  • Sales Page Funnels – Create this to sell products and services, with the ability to add any upsells/downsells to your sales process.
  • Webinar Funnels – Useful for helping people register for your webinars.
  • Membership Sites – Generate a recurring income by creating a full blown membership site.

ClickFunnels comes with its own templates for each of the different funnel types or you can simply build your own pages directly using the ClickFunnels editor.

ClickFunnels gives you lots of flexibility to create different types of pages.







ClickFunnels has a 14 day Free Trial so you can explore and play around with the software, and see if its suitable for you. The sign up process is simple, all you need to do is enter your credit card details when signing up for your trial.

Your card is not charged, until you make the decision to become a full member, and you can cancel at anytime.

My Final thoughts on ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is an excellent product for building Sales Funnels. Its not the cheapest product out there ($97- basic level, $297 for all the bells and whistles), but it will save you costs on products that you no longer need, making it the cheaper option in the long run.

ClickFunnels should help you to increase your profits if you use it well. You should be able to make far more money than it costs you.

The other huge benefit from using ClickFunnels, is the Education you get along the way. ClickFunnels is defiantly worth it for the education alone!

I really hope you enjoyed my review, please feel free to comment or ask any questions below.


Joanne Smith

If  you would  like to try out ClickFunnels for yourself, there is a free trial of ClickFunnels available, JUST CLICK HERE NOW to Watch Video Presentation and Enjoy!!!








48 thoughts on “ClickFunnels – My Review

  1. Seth

    Good info. I just started a the online business with one website which I started about a month ago. As time goes on and my business begin to pick up, I will start using the ClickFunnels to scale my business.
    What are the other ones which are cheaper than the ClickFunnels which newbies like me with low budget can start with. Thanks for the information.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Seth, i think Landing Pages may be cheaper, but i don’t have all their information. I will do some research about this and post a review over the coming weeks. Thanks for reading.


  2. Rod Singleton

    Great Post Joanne! Love this post and how you give them the information straight up. People appreciate when others are willing to give them honesty. You gave them the scoop on how the company use to work, and how’s it progressed over time.

    Plus, the fact that everything is all in one place now, that makes things so much easier for a business builder.

    Awesome Review 🙂

  3. Hailey

    Hey Joanne

    You have written a very informative real post!
    Thanks you so much for your honesty! It is awesome to read such a real post!
    I hadn’t heard of ClickFunnels before reading your article! I have just started working online and it is great to see what is available and have some knowledge on different things.
    Thanks again for the information it will be of some use to me as I progress with my business!

  4. scooter

    What I would like to know is; Is Click Funnels a browser based program or do you have to download a program and run it on your own computer? There is no doubt that websites need to funnel traffic and it sure is nice thinking about an app to automate a traffic funnel. Click Funnels sounds like a good service.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Scooter, thanks for reading. ClickFunnels is a software platform, (like Wealthy affiliate’s platform) you don’t need to download anything. Have a great day.


  5. Amit Misal

    hi Joanne,
    Thanks for making a review site about click funnel.
    It was just what I was looking for.I am into internet marketing and into the middle of my website making process.I would like to give click funnel a try for my yoga-related website.I would like to know for how many days is free click funnel trail available for free.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi, thanks for reading my article. Clickfunnels has a 14 day free trial, so it’s a great way to test it out first and if you find that your just not ready for it at this stage, you can always come back to clickfunnels at a later date. Let me no if you have any more questions.



  6. pmbaluka2016

    Always I’ve been looking for ways to capture funnel leads and I have taken a long time in deciding which one to go for. Your article provides nice information and contribution towards my need. I think this is exactly what I need. However, I don’t understand why credit card information is needed in free trial registration? How sure am I that my credit card information is kept secure during the 14days for the trial? Suppose am not interested in the product and you already have such a sensitive information, what will you do with my credit card?

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi, and thanks for reading my article. I had the same concerns also, unfortunately that’s the way most of the company’s do it these days. I think one part of it is to keep the people who really are not serious away. I am a member of clickfunnels so i can only tell you that they are a great platform to use and I’m really happy here. What you do after the free trail,is if you decide that your not interested, just cancel at the end. Its pretty easy to do and your information is cancelled. Hope that helps




  7. Phil

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the great informative post and I must admit that this is my first time reading about this company.
    After reading all about how it could benefit our business, I would suggest that this is worth a try.
    Perhaps I may try the free trial and see how it works out.
    Have you used this system and if so, how did the results stack up……….
    Cheers PB

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Phil, yes I am using Clickfunnels now. And it has really helped my business, I am earning a part time income in a very short period of time which is excellent for me. It all depends how much experience you have as well. The trial is defiantly worth having a look at, you have nothing to loose. If your completely new to this company i suggest to watch the video right through to get a better understanding of what sales funnels are all about. Hope that helps you out a little, but if you need to ask more questions please feel free to ask.



  8. NathanG

    Thank you for this valuable information, Joanne! Click Funnels has been on my radar for a while, but this is the first review I have read and I appreciate your effort! Personally, I use different services for funnels and autoresponders. Most allow you to use Aweber or Get Response instead of their built in ARs. I am interested in finding a funnel system that allows you to integrate TrafficWave. Is that possible with Click Funnels? It’s no biggie, but two of my other funnels cannot do it and I would be interested to investigate CF more if that is possible. If not, I may decide to use Click Funnels anyway because I would rather pay for the “bells and whistles” upfront and not have to worry about it monthly. Looking forward to your thoughts.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Nathen, thanks for reading. Clickfunnels do have an autoresponder already built into their system, but you can integrate one of your own if you choose and they have a short training video on how to do that as well. The trial is defiantly worth a try. At least you can compare it to your other funnels and see what works best for you. 



  9. Abdusalam

    Hi Joanne, I found this website very useful and will be sure to visit again. I’m new to to this business and found the information to be very straight forward and informative.
    I particularly liked your review of Clickfunnels and the honesty that you portray.
    It may well be another feather to my bow in the future.
    I wish you every success with your endeavours.

  10. Dominic

    Thanks for sharing about ClickFunnels Joanne, it reminds me back in time when I last get a hands on this product. Admittedly, it was too much for my tiny budget online, the reason why I left it.

    In the future, I plan on coming back to this site. That is, when I have my very own product and sales funnel.

  11. manor

    Sounds like a tool to check and implement. as an online marketer, I am always looking for new way and technics to improve the level of quality traffic and the rate of conversions. As recently I started to look into the youtube niche I would like to know how click funnels can help me there?

  12. Agnes Nowak

    Hi Joanne
    I have just started working on my website about a month ago and its work in progress. Learning about all the techy possibilities out there. Im glad I came across your site, and the valuable information which I will be considering in near future when it comes to funneling through my audience. It certainly makes sense to do.

  13. David

    The page has a lot of information on so Thank you

    i had heard of click funnels and now I know what they are. They seem to do a lot.

    If I already have an e mail list can I use this with click funnels. Also what sort of things are covered in the education part?


    1. joanne Post author

      Hi David, if you have your own autoresponder and your own email list you can integrate them with clickfunnels if you choose. When you join Clickfunnels they have a lot of free training on different subjects on their platform for you to use which is really amazing. 


  14. Cathy

    Clickfunnels seems like a very smart product. It’s cleverly design to take viewers through several interface until they are convinced to become buyers.

    But it can be quite pricey for beginners and there are a few software companies providing the same thing. I was told that every article you write is a potential landing page so there’s really no need to get this type of programs.

    I wonder what’s your thought about this. Thanks.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Cathy, I do agree that it can be a bit pricey. It all depends were you are in your business, if your a beginner then this is something you may need later on down the track when things are starting to take off. So I wouldn’t recommend Clickfunnels if your just starting out. There are a few platforms that are cheaper than Clickfunnels, Leadpages is another excellent product that I have looked in to. When your at the next level of your business ,when you start paying for advertising then thats really when you need the landing pages to help you promote and sell your products.



  15. DorcasW

    Joannesmith1 Thanks for your post. And the information that it carries.

    I think as we move on in these millennial years it is wise to think differently.

    A click Funnel with all it’s attributes that you have mentioned could be the correct vehicle to transport today’s business.

    My lady, I can see that you are thinking innovatevately Thank you

  16. Gustavo

    Wow, never heard of clickfunnels before but it does seem interesting. I think I will give it a go once my website starts to pick up, although it is a bit pricy I can see the value that comes with it. Many new affiliate marketers do not understand the importance of funnels and you seem to introduce that idea well with your product review. Have you tried any other funnel systems before, maybe even cheaper ones?

  17. Glen

    This is good information on ClickFunnels, Joanne. I have tried CF in the past using their 14-day free trial. I have also used LeadPages and InstaPage. CF is far better eventhough it is not cheap as you said ($97/mo). I think business owners need to look at developing their own websites instead of relying on a program like CF. With CF sales funnel with supporting pages, it is difficult to migrate to something else. The social media companies are always changing rules. So if a marketer is promoting their sales funnel on Facebook, for example, they are subject to the business whims of FB. So it becomes important to understand the pros and cons of using any sales funnel program.

  18. nyaaba solomon

    Hi Joanne, thanks for that awesome post on click funnels. This software is so easy to use when it comes building capture pages and sales funnels. What I love about this software the fact that you can share your pages and funnels with your team to tweak anyhow they want to make it their own.
    Love it and thanks for the insight.

  19. Prabakaran

    Thanks for writing about Click funnel.Many of us are not aware of this platform. I am a newbie and let me give a try on this platform.It Sounds great. But I do have a question.
    What type of niches have more benefits from ClickFunnel Platform?
    Thanks for a great and informative review.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi there, you can use any niche you like really. I have a health and beauty website also that i use with them.


  20. Arta

    Thank you for the ClickFunnels review. I didn’t quite get though – do I need the website or not to take advantage of ClickFunnels? 14-day free trial seems to be a great offer – to try it out and see whether or not it is worth using the ClickFunnels. Is it suitable for online marketers who don’t have their product, for instance, for affiliate marketers? I have read about Russel Brunson before and this man seems to be worth to be taken seriously.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hello Arta. Thanks for reading. You don’t necessarily  have to have a website to use ClickFunnels but if your very new to this then I would suggest taking your time and doing lots of studying and learning all the ins and out of affiliate marketing before you try out ClickFunnels. Other wise it could become to overwhelming to start with. Good luck with your journey.  


  21. Kate

    Hello dear Joanne!
    Your review regarding the clickfunnels is so detailed that even a dummy like me can understand. It seems like a great tool because it has everything you need for an internet based buisiness in one place! When my website is more mature and has more visitors I will seriously consider investing in click funnels!

  22. Reyhana

    I am very new at affiliate marketing and have just built my website. Can you please tell me whether ClickFunnels will help me at all in affiliate marketing? And does this program also have an affiliate program? I am in the making money online niche, so if I try ClickFunnels and I like it, I would love to promote it and help other people use it to their benefit.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hello Reyhana how are you. Yes Clickfunnels can help you and yes they do have an affiliate program to sell Russell Brunsons products. I started out with their affiliate bootcamp training first and just promoted his products as an affiliate marketer for about a year before i even joined up to their Clickfunnels platform. If your a beginner I would suggest doing there bootcamp first. Its completely free and you can take as long as you want to complete it. And the best thing is you can join up to sell their products straight away while you learn if you choose. If you like you can read my review on their affiliate bootcamp here. https://affiliatemarketingwork

      Hope that helps, feel free to contact me any time if you have any other questions,


  23. Dr. Doug

    Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for this review. I had heard of ClickFunnels but didnt realize that it had all those smaller programs integrated into one system. You mention the two tiers of membership and I am wondering if you can explain the difference more. Do people jump right into the upper level membership?

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Doug, I am with the $97 a month membership, as I am only very small. But the $297 a month membership is for more experienced people with either a small business or they have decided to transfer from another company. Hope that helps. 

  24. Irish Castle Hotels

    This was really interesting – I’d never heard of Click Funnels before. I’m just starting my journey in the affiliate/online marketing world so I found this review very helpful and I’ll certainly do more research. One of the biggest problems is that there’s such a lot of information to absorb when you’re starting out, so hearing from people who have actually used a product, and how it has helped them, is extremely useful. Thanks for sharing this review!

  25. Briana

    I have never heard of ClickFunnels before but this sounds like it could be a really useful product. Do you know what the differences are between the $97 option and the $297 option? Do you think the basic is sufficient for most people or is the $297 option necessary to be successful with the product?

  26. stefanie

    Hi Joanne, I’m really glad I came across your post as I feel like I’m ready to start using something like Clickfunnels on my website. It sounds like it does a lot for your business and can also save lots of time. I would love to know how to build a sales funnel page and email lists. And one thing I definitely would like to start doing is webinars as they seem like such fun. This package is an awesome deal and worth every penny to have somebody else put everything together for you. Thanks.

  27. Khalid Elezabi

    Thank you for this informative article.
    I joined wealthy affiliate three months ago and I am trying to understand new ways of expanding my business. Click Funnels sounds like an appropriate legitimate way as you explained thoroughly. However, I have a question if I may ask, Does the way click funnels work take into account the privacy policies for targeted online users? And are there any other cheap platforms like click funnels?

    1. joanne Post author

      Yes they do have a privacy policies, and there are cheaper platforms out there, another great one is LeadPages, however they don’t include an email autoresponder , so you would have to include that yourself. Thanks for reading.


  28. Dave

    Hallo there,

    I am just getting started with email marketing and would really love to leverage the email autoresponder with the click sales funnels program.

    I would want something that will help me get very personal with my subscribers, every time. And I was wondering if the click sales funnels will help be that personal with the emails.

    Waiting for your response.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Dave, yes Clickfunnels can give you all the support you need with your email autoresponder, their customer service is really great.

  29. Chawn Bracey

    Click funnels is pretty amazing when it comes to designing a landing page. They provide you with some good insight and features that can lead to some high converting pages. The only reason I had to pause from using click funnels was because I ran out of a marketing budget. Buying ads everyday can add up pretty quickly.

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