DotComSecrets Book (Free Book )

DotComSecrets Book

DotComSecrets Book


Double Your Traffic !

Free Book reveals 1 simple trick to double your Traffic and Sales online !


DotComSecrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online


The DotCom Secrets book tackles the problem of traffic generation and how to convert traffic on your

website once it shows up. Contrary to popular belief, the problem is rarely caused by a traffic or conversion

issue. According to Russell Brunson, low traffic and poor conversion numbers are usually signs of a more

disastrous problem, which can be harder to notice but a lot easier to solve. The book contains sales scripts

and marketing funnels that you can use to turn on a tap of new leads into your online business. Some of the

other topics discussed include:


*How to capitalize on the “predictable” offline method used by direct response marketers to sell billions of

dollars’ worth of products

*How to use new media outlets to sell more for a much less cost than you’re used to in traditional marketing

*How to charge more for your products and services

*The shocking truth behind the ‘Sales Funnel’ vs. ‘Value Ladder’

And much much more, but best of all Russell Brunson is giving you this book for FREE, he just asks that you pay for shipping.

Cheers  Joanne Smith

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12 thoughts on “DotComSecrets Book (Free Book )

  1. Harjit

    Thanks for this post. The book sounds really good. This could be what I am after. I need to get more pages to the 1st page of Google and increase my traffic. I need a bit of help with this and I will need this book to help me. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  2. John

    Thanks for letting people know about the DotCom Secrets book from Russell Brunson.
    I have this book myself and I have read it several times.
    It really is an awesome book about online marketing and is probably one of the best books of its kind available.
    If you are interested in building a business online then I would recommend that you definitely get this book!
    And hey, it’s free, so what do you have to lose?

  3. DorcasW

    Joannesmith1;The DotCom Secrets: underground Playbook for growing your company online. It is very fascinating.!
    How can this book solve the problems of Traffic generation?
    And how do you convert traffic once they show up on your website?
    If there is a predictable method to capitalize Traffic that is used offline that works, could not this same method be used online?

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Dorcas, thanks for reading my article, this book is all about creating sales funnels. For example, you may first offer your customer some free information that is useful to their business or a free gift, in exchange they give you their email addresss, which then you can start a relationship with your customer and make them other offers over time with your products. Its all about attracting the right customer for you and building up trust so that they will be more inclined to buy products off you.


  4. Ankit

    I read your article, getting traffic is really a subjective matter. I have been going through many up and hills as my website is not being ranked because of the wrong selection of keywords. I think this book would help me skyrocket my biz? What’s more important than the SEO to index our page on google page 1?

  5. Dave

    Hey there,

    I have seen that some of the topics discussed in the eBook are “how to charge more for your services”. It is kind of cool to do it but don’t you think you will chase away the old clients?

    I was once told that keeping the charge constant and keeping on improving the quality of services was the best way to gain trust. What do you think about it?

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Dave, thanks for reading. I guess it all depends on what your actually selling. But being constant and keeping up the Quality of service is definitely the most important thing anyone can do.



  6. Admin

    I think it’s the book I need to increase traffic on my website. I have two sites, and they are with high and low flows of traffic, and I believe I have tried everything. There are some topics that I would like to read to clear my doubts and if the advice is free, much better.
    Good info.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi, thanks for reading. Its defiantly worth getting, and the book gives you some great idea’s. 



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