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Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets


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Expert Secrets


Having knowledge on social media advertising, copywriting, SEM, and SEO is great. However, your

business still needs some fundamental marketing aspects in order to be effective. Expert Secrets explores

the thought process of unearthing important things you may have missed while starting your business, in 4

elements. These elements are designed to prompt people to take action on the products or services you are

offering. They resonate in every mass movement from time immemorial, from Jesus Christ to modern

presidential electoral campaigns.


Once you integrate these elements into your business, you can inspire the masses to support your cause.

Russell subtly talks about copywriting, which basically refers to the art of writing words that sell. People

normally pay a lot of money (hundreds or even thousands) for copywriting courses, and the skills are

required in any type of business that is selling something. Additionally, Expert Secrets actually provides a

practical strategy that anyone can use to reach their target customers. But when it comes down to the

bottom line, the book explains the importance of using storytelling to attract buyers and then gives you the

framework to build your story.

To Watch Russells  Video just Click HERE

4 thoughts on “Expert Secrets ( Free Book )

  1. Neil

    This Expert Secrets book has created a LOT of buzz over the last 2 months. Everyone’s raving about it, saying it’s one of the best books out there for folks wanting become successful business owners online and offline.

    Tony Robbins also speaks highly of Russell’s brand new book, so it’s definitely worth the read. Even better that it’s 100% free.

    If you bought this book on Amazon, it would cost up to $20 I reckon. So I’d rather get Expert Secrets through your link.


  2. Jacqueline

    I enjoy reading and putting into practice as much as what I learn into my online business.
    I’ve lost count of the number of ebooks, self-help pdf’s, subscriptions I have signed up for to help me on this journey. It’s quite overwhelming the information out there.

    This book does look interesting. However, what makes this book stand out from the others other than the storytelling aspect?


    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Jacqueline, I know exactly how you feel, its hard sometimes because you just want to learn everything, and you think you might miss out on something really important. I get so overwhelmed and excited myself, I often find myself having to take a step back for a second and just take my time with everything.

      Cheers, Jo 

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