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What Is Global Moneyline ?

Global Moneyline

Global Moneyline

Global Moneyline is a gift giving system that is marketed as an advertising platform. You are allowed to promote products and services to those you recruit in your downline by sending them messages within the system.


Global Money Line does not offer any products for sale. The landing page is a basic sales page to get you to sign up for their program where you will then be allowed to promote the membership.


There are two memberships that are offered with Global Money Line. You can choose from a free membership or a paid membership. The difference between the two is the number of messages you are allowed to send at one time. With a free account, you are only allowed to message one person at a time, while the paid membership allows you to message up to 20 people at a time. The paid Membership starts at $20.


Global Money Line also has an affiliate program. In order to join the program, you must pay the $20 fee. Then it is up to you to find others and recruit them to the program. Your recruits must become paid members for you to earn any commissions.


The first two people you recruit who pay into the system are sent to your up line. Once you get more than two people, you can start earning $5 per recruit to build your downline as far as you want.

There are a lot of things wrong with this system. First off, when you go out looking for recruits, you have to give the first two people you get to your upline. For some people finding two people is hard enough and seeing them go to your upline can be hard to swallow.


Next, when looking at the company from an affiliate perspective, the amount of money you make off of your downline doesn’t seem worth it. After all, you are charged $20 to join the system, yet you only get $5 from your recruits.


Plus there is really no advantage for anyone to have a paid membership. If you are looking for a way to get your message across to people, then sending out solo ads is fine if you can actually get the people in your downline to read them. Since there is no incentive to read any messages, the system seems like a waste of time.


Another thing that you should think about before signing up is how this system will work for you. Global Money Line is branded as an email list builder. However, members are not granted access to emails of anyone they recruit. The only way for you to send messages is through the site’s portal.


The lack of email addresses for you to use to send your message or product out is limited. The only person really gaining access to the emails of the members is the administration. Plus, the only way for you to get involved is by personal invitation only.


My Final thoughts on Global Moneyline

So far I have been pretty disappointed with the whole system. I have been on it for at least 3 months Know and so far have not made contact with any person. But I’m still not sure I’ve used it to i’ts full potential just yet. So for me, I’m happy to keep trying for a little longer.


There are a lot of reasons not to sign up. If though, you do decide to sign up, do the free account to see if it is worth your time. That way you aren’t wasting any money on a program that isn’t worth getting involved in.


If you would like to sign up for free just click on my link below, I will also be writing up another catch up review on Global Moneyline in a few months time, so be sure to stop by in the near future.


Joanne Smith


Global Moneyline

Global Moneyline



9 thoughts on “Global Moneyline Review

  1. Gabe

    Hey I just wanna say that I really enjoyed your article. Being in the car business can be tough because the pay isn’t steady so I’m always looking for ways to make money online! I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing was until I found your site!
    In your opinion though, is it better to be an affiliate marketer, or to sell your own products on your website?

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Gabe, thanks for reading. It all depends on what each individual prefers to do, both are fine. However I personally like selling other peoples products as long as i think they are good value. 



  2. Maxx

    Great job.

    I just got done with reading your review and I have to say that it’s one of the best product reviews that I’ve seen in a long time. I found your Global Moneyline Review review really informative and helpful.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    I’m bookmarking the page to come back and read it all once again.

    Thanks a lot for sharing about this.

  3. Marley Dawkins

    Thanks for the honest review Joanne, but i have to say i dont think i will be trying this system – its a reasonably cool idea, but i just dont see the benefit of having paid membership with them, there seems to be a sever lack of support from what your saying, and i really dont like not being able to see the email address of those i recruit, i mean really that’s the clincher for me, just seems a bit pointless for $20 a month.

    But anyway like i say it is an interesting idea, so do you have any other websites you suggest for email list builders and the like?

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Marley, no I don’t at the moment, but I’m always on the look out. Thanks for reading my review, have a great day.


  4. Jojo

    This reminds me of program I joined when I first tried to make money online. The program was called Affiliano. In order to join you had to get webhosting from a certain company, then you earned a small commission everytime somebody signed up to to Affilianos mailing list. Then Affiliano was promoted to this person and if he/she wanted to join, he/she had to get webhosting. The system was really about selling webhosting to new members so for every member who signed up through your affiliate link you earned a few dollars and you made a potential competitor at the same time. The whole system was just an empty shell, selling nothing but webhosting for the purpose of selling webhosting again.

    This system seem a lot like Affiliano. Simply an empty shell where you promote memberships. No product to sell and you are not solving anybody’s problem. No thanks I prefer Wealthy Affiliate which promotes a proper way to make money online.
    Thank you for a good review.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Jojo, yes I think your right, so far for me it has been a complete waste of time and my $20. 

      Have a great day


  5. roamy

    Hello Joanne
    Like you I signed up with global Money Line when they just launched,upto now im waiting to see any positives of having joined the program but having said that, I have also not given it my best as I read some negative reviews after I joined.
    Why did I not read reviews before I joined? Well, I joined the first week the program launched so there were no reviews to read but looking back, I should have saved the money I used to upgrade to the silver membership.
    Very informative, thanks for sharing.

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