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Liz Benny started her first company over ten years ago, whilst working full time as a Student Resident Manager for The University of Wollongong in Australia.
Years later, Liz is now rocking life out as CEO of both her life, and her businesses. She’s sold over a million dollars live from webinars having started her journey from very humble beginnings.
For over 10 years now Liz’s entrepreneurialism has meant that she’s started and scaled many online businesses.
Owns A Social Media Management and training Company, Jinga Social
Owns A Social Media Manager Training Course – Social Monkey Business
Owns An Instagram Training Course – Insta Social Secrets
Author of “How To Live A KAPOW Life”
One Of The Lead Speakers At ClickFunnels LIVE Event
Has helped over a thousand entrepreneurs live life on their terms with their online businesses
Is World Renowned As the Queen of KAPOW!
Loves playing life FULL OUT and IMPACTING LIVES

How I Went From A “NOBODY” To A Million Dollar Course Creator
And How You Can Hack My “Fast Profitable Course” Systems To Fast Track Your Own Course’s Success!

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