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Russell Brunson has now become a household name if you are into online business. He built one of the most sought after

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

company, ClickFunnels, which is an easy way to market, sell or deliver products online. So who is Russell Brunson and where did it all start?


Early Life and Education


Russell Brunson was born in Provo Utah on 8th of March, 1980 to Ross and Marde Brunson. They relocated to Sandy Utah where together with his brothers and sisters grew up. He was an athlete for his high school and was popular as a wrestler. He began to rise to glory at a small age when he won the Utah 5A state championship in his junior year which earned him an All American honors. He was also 2nd place in the nation at high school nationals in his senior year. He was destined for greatness from the word go.


Brigham Young University (BYU) offered him a wrestling scholarship soon after high school. However, shortly after that, the BYU’s wrestling team was dropped. Although he didn’t join the last year of the wrestling team, Russell decided to go and serve a two-year mission for his church. The next two years of his life in New Jersey were sacred. It was during this time that he taught gospel on a door to door basis. This was the beginning of his training as a business person and a course that sharpened his skills as a salesperson.


As much as he was good at his mission he still had the spirit of a wrestler within him. So as soon as his mission was over, he transferred to Boise State University (BSU) to continue with his wrestling career. The next four years of his life were spent on wrestling but unfortunately, he was only able to finish 14th place in the country when he graduated.


It was during his first year at BSU that he met a beautiful lady that later on became his wife. Russell and Collete got married 9 ½ months after they met for the first time.




Having a family of his own now, Russell Brunson had to have a stable income to be able to support his family. Like most would do, he decided to find a way to make some extra money to make ends meet. That’s when he thought of trying out the internet.


He bought and tried a number of programs, products and courses for 18 months but they all failed. However, he put up a spirited fight and after every failure, he learned something new. From his failures, Russell was able to figure out a very easy system for creating and selling products online.


He only paid $20 for a program that helped him come up with his first software product. Everything changed when he made over $1,000 after selling a software he created within 30 days. In the second month, he was able to make more than $2,000 and by the end of the 3rd month, Russell was now making more than $5,000. He was able to earn $250,000 in his senior year in college. So within a year of his graduation, Russell had already crossed the million dollar mark.


He knew that this was going to be a lucrative venture. So after the birth of his twins, Russel decided to turn his business into a real business and not just a hobby. It is at that point that Russel decided to get an office and start hiring employees. That was the birth of


After writing a book that showed readers how to design their own sales funnels, Brunson teamed up with a group of coders and created a software that could produce and manage funnels. That’s when Click Funnels was born. This is the same product that has helped him earn millions of dollars in revenue.


It is the ultimate option to construct, track, driving test and come up with professionally optimized funnels in minutes. This includes lead capture web pages, webinar registration pages, sales pages, product launch pages, on-line shops, subscription websites and many more great deals. This is a website home builder where business owners can boost their trade as well as profits.


The Author


Russel spent over a decade successfully starting and scaling companies online. That’s when he decided to write “DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online.” In this book, you get to see the best of what Russell discovered from over 1,000 unique split tests, the tens of millions of online visitors and how all that has been broken down into a simple process any company can make use of to improve traffic geometrically.


His latest book is the “Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Finding Your Message, Building a Tribe, and Changing the World.” A book that explains the impact the right message has on someone. This book puts your message into the hands of those who need it.


Expert Secrets gives you a deep look into matters business. It teaches you how to not only come up with funnels but also generate a massive movement that crowns you as the force. This gives you the ability to offer others substantial guidance and value. The good thing about these strategies is that they can be used on any field you operate in.




Russell Brunson has also started a blog where he dedicates himself to give out free material. He has dedicated his time to give high quality content for free—content that is better than what other marketers charge a lot of money for. This is a strategy to not only give back to the society but also make sure his business and brand is introduced to more people. In fact, his business has spontaneously grown over the years due to the fact that most of his products are free.


The coach


Through his website, Russell uses the blog section to reach out to potential businessmen and women. Through the various episodes, you will get to know some of the challenges and achievements that have shaped his success to date.


Hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for stopping by. Drop me your comments or questions below if you have any, and be sure to stop by in the near future as I will be posting more on this topic.


Joanne Smith

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9 thoughts on “Russell Brunson Biography

  1. John

    Awesome post on Russell Brunson and telling us a little more about his background Joanne.
    I have recently started following Russell and using his company Clickfunnels, but there is a lot in this article that I didn’t know about him particularly about his wrestling career and early business struggles!
    A very interesting read, obviously you are a huge fan as I am?

  2. gian19luca91

    Great article about Russel Brunson! I had no idea that there was an actual person behind clickfunnels. This article is very inspirational, it reminds one that anything is possible, no matter your age! It has also inspired me to want to start using clickfunnels. I will probably do so in the near future.
    Thank you for behing awesome

  3. Andrew G

    Yes! Brunson has been around for a while with high quality content, traffic, and especially conversion improvements from my experience, using the high quality tips he has. I have though for whatever reason never paid for one of his products, but recommended for sure as I am sure his affiliate program is great

  4. Cindy

    Hi Joanne. Thank you for sharing on Russell Brunson Biography. I’m new to the online business (less than a month!) so this is the first time I am hearing his name and ClickFunnels. I shall be checking out his “DotComSecrets. com site and his DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online” eBook thanks to your post. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Garrett

    This is really cool. I’ve heard of Russell Brunson befeore, I even have some of his high quality content. He been in the online marketing game for a while now and his name holds a lot of weight. He gives away some of the most useful content that other marketers would charge you an arm and a leg for. What i didn’t know that he got a wrestling scholarship to BYU, that’s really cool. Great bio, definitely sharing this on facebook

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