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Russell Brunson is one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world, mostly known for his company

DotComSecrets. A fair share of his success has been attributed to selling training products to other internet

marketers looking to make an impact in the industry. Just one year after graduating from college, Brunson

had sold more than one million dollars’ worth of products and services from the comfort of his basement.

Fast forward to 2017 and he has now sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, boasts a following

of at least one million entrepreneurs, co-founded a software company known as ClickFunnels, and

popularized the idea of sales funnels. It is no wonder that Brunson is highly sought-after when it comes to

internet marketing. Here are some of the books he has written:



  1.  DotComSecrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online


The DotCom Secrets book tackles the problem of traffic generation and how to convert traffic on your

website once it shows up. Contrary to popular belief, the problem is rarely caused by a traffic or conversion

issue. According to Russell Brunson, low traffic and poor conversion numbers are usually signs of a more

disastrous problem, which can be harder to notice but a lot easier to solve. The book contains sales scripts

and marketing funnels that you can use to turn on a tap of new leads into your online business. Some of the

other topics discussed include:


*How to capitalize on the “predictable” offline method used by direct response marketers to sell billions of

dollars’ worth of products

*How to use new media outlets to sell more for a much less cost than you’re used to in traditional marketing

*How to charge more for your products and services

*The shocking truth behind the ‘Sales Funnel’ vs. ‘Value Ladder’



  1. 108 Proven Split Test Winners


This book is written for anyone looking to produce effective squeeze pages or build their business in a

unique way. It is packed with screenshots of practical A/B tests, revealing the one that won and the amount

of revenue it helped generate. The idea is to help you come up with blanket statements about the most

effective approach online, and give you a boost when it comes to doing actual split tests.


The Split Test Winners book contains tons of useful information showing you exciting landing page layouts,

which can turn your traffic into sales very easily. Russell discovered these special “tweaks” from running a

number of squeeze page split tests with the help of his ClickFunnels software. The book shows you exactly

which ads and pages Brunson tested, which worked and which didn’t, and the different conversion rates he

obtained from his trials. In a brief, the book contains all the effective strategies needed to build a super successful online business using sales funnels and landing pages. It eliminates all the guesswork and

subsequently saves a lot of time. Some of these strategies include:


*How to word pages

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

*How to reduce your prices to a certain price-point

*How to implement a specific bridge page technique

*Where you should place testimonials

*Keeping your page design simple

*How to use the right headlines



  1. Expert Secrets


Having knowledge on social media advertising, copywriting, SEM, and SEO is great. However, your

business still needs some fundamental marketing aspects in order to be effective. Expert Secrets explores

the thought process of unearthing important things you may have missed while starting your business, in 4

elements. These elements are designed to prompt people to take action on the products or services you are

offering. They resonate in every mass movement from time immemorial, from Jesus Christ to modern

presidential electoral campaigns.


Once you integrate these elements into your business, you can inspire the masses to support your cause.

Russell subtly talks about copywriting, which basically refers to the art of writing words that sell. People

normally pay a lot of money (hundreds or even thousands) for copywriting courses, and the skills are

required in any type of business that is selling something. Additionally, Expert Secrets actually provides a

practical strategy that anyone can use to reach their target customers. But when it comes down to the

bottom line, the book explains the importance of using storytelling to attract buyers and then gives you the

framework to build your story.


The best part of all of these books is that Russell is giving away these great books for free, yes all three of them. Russell just asks that you pay for shipping and he will send you out your copy as soon as possible. The information you get from these books is just so valuable and it really will help you in so many ways, I have all three.

I really hope you enjoyed my article and thanks for stopping by, if you have any questions please feel free to ask and if you would like to check out Russells first book, DotComSecrets just click the link below.


Joanne Smith


Expert Secrets

DCS 108 Split Tests


9 thoughts on “Russell Brunsons Books

  1. Lyle

    I’ve read his book DotCom secrets, I thought it was really good and useful, the section on email marketing was particularly insightful and full of great advice. I don’t do too much email marketing myself right now because I’m starting off brand new projects but I’ll definitely give it a re-read once they have started growing and make me some income.

  2. Minhaj

    Hi There Joanne

    Although I do think Russel is an excellent marketer and does provide massive value.
    I am skeptical about the value of his books, why? because on his last launch he actually let his affiliate pay people to take the book. If a book is that good, people will not need to be bribed to buy it, it will sell itself like his Clickfunnels software, which is a brilliant sales funnel builder.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Minhaj, thanks for your reply, I have to say I have all three of his books and they have been of great value to me. And you do save money by only paying for postage, but Russells books may not be for everyone, it all depends on the person.

      Cheers Joanne

  3. Roopesh

    Wow! This is actually a treasure chest of amazing stuff.
    I think the first book is what I need to get a hold of.

    I am building my website. I understand that it is a slow and steady process. I just would like to give it a boost by creating some awesome sale funnels.I think this book, is just what I need.

    All I got to do, is pay for shipping. What a steal.thanks

  4. charlsonv

    I have a new website and intend to build more. I believe the books 108 Proven Split Test Winners and DotComSecrets are really what i will need to see my business to heights. I have not read any of them but your review tells me if i am to be serious about this online business then i really have to have the skills within the pages of those books.

    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Charlsonv, thanks for reading my article. If your going to get a book, i highly recommended starting off with the DotComSecrets book, its a real eye opener and will give you lots of new and exciting ideas about building up a business.



  5. Finn

    Thank you for the very interesting and informative blog post Joanne

    I had always been very interested affiliate marketing but wasn’t aware how many scams there actually are out there, and I know for certain that just by writing these article you have saved me and many other people lots of head aches down the line

    Best wishes


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