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Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform which helps you launch yourself as an internet entrepreneur. The site helps you to build a website on any subject of interest of your choice. The sites are then listed to attract traffic and generate revenue. It also functions as an affiliate network and program. As an affiliate network, Wealthy Affiliate enables you to choose products and services from an affiliate program to promote and sell on your site to earn a commission. Thus, it acts as a platform of learning, like a university, for affiliate networking. It has programs that teach you the nitties and gritties of online business and is a community of online business owners. As a program, Wealthy Affiliate offers it own affiliation packages.


What is affiliate networking

Affiliate networking is the process by which one can earn by promoting and selling services and products of other companies. You cannot promote or sell products of companies which do not offer affiliate programs. Hence you can generate revenue by promoting companies who offer affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay, Jimdo, et cetera.


Affiliate networking helps to join affiliate programs whose products and services fall under the scope of interest of your website. So when someone clicks on the affiliate’s product link to buy it through the publishing websites affiliation program, the website owner earns commission.


What is the background of Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealth Affiliate is an online company launched in 2005. It is also known as WA or Wealthy Affiliate University. It has been awarded the no.1 Online Work Company every year since 2009. The founders of this online business are Kyle and Carson. Kyle also acts as the mentor, editor and moderator of the Wealthy Affiliate program.


What do you do on Wealthy Affiliate?


You can join wealthy affiliate to start your own online business. As soon as you join the program, you have to choose a subject that interests you. Wealthy affiliate will then help you build your own website with a domain name and WordPress management in barely 30 seconds. The website will be visually appealing and mobile friendly to attract visitors. Once you drive traffic through your website, enroll in any of the numerous affiliation programs or advertise on your website to earn revenue. If someone buys through the affiliation program, you can earn upto 75% commission.


How does Wealthy Affiliate work as an education platform? How does it train its users as online entrepreneurs?


Wealthy Affiliate teaches and takes its users step by step through the online business world. They provide video lessons to teach you from scratch the procedures, ways, rules and strategies of online business. The teaching process is not separate from the earning process and takes place while you set up and monitor your business online.


It is a consistent task-oriented training. Moreover, the education program is largely interactive and community-based where you can connect and learn through Live Chats, Live Classes and Live Interactions. The training program also allows you to reach out and communicate with the co-founders, Kyle and Carson if you are stuck.


How does Wealthy Affiliate work?


Wealthy Affiliate has two programmes to help you earn online.


Affiliate Bootcamp– This program enables the user to earn money through Wealthy Affiliate itself. Here you join affiliate programs of Wealthy Affiliate to earn money. This program too has its own guide and tutorials.


Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Training Courses– This programs teaches both beginners and advanced users to learn about online business and establish their own websites to earn revenue through affiliate programs, selling own products, referrals and advertisements.


How do you earn on Wealthy Affiliate, And Can you make money in Affiliate Marketing?

The Answer is Yes, you can.


What is Wealthy Affiliate Teaching You ?


1/ To Build your own website and earn from the traffic attracted

2/To making online referrals in legal online companies and earn revenue.

3/To selling your own products on your websites

4/Join and earn through affiliation of programs of best companies

5/Sell products of other companies like Amazon, Ebay, etc.

6/Get your website listed higher in major search engines

7/Making YouTube videos of good quality to earn revenue

8/Advertise and earn through Google Adsense and on your website

9/Earn from Wealthy Affiliate by joining its Bootcamp Programme.


What is the success rate of Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate claims that almost 1,00 people succeed everyday through their platform in their online business venture. They guarantee the exposure of your website to 2.8 billion online buyers. It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs. Wealthy Affiliates are said to earn an average commission of $187. The company annually pays more than $1,000,000 to affiliates. Joining a Wealthy affiliate program ensures consistent online income year after year.


How to join Wealthy Affiliate?  And do you need to pay for the courses and programs ?


You can join Wealthy Affiliate by signing up for free. The free membership also includes live chat, personal blog and 30 keyword searches per month. The free sign up offers the basic courses, even in the Bootcamp programme. But, to take the advanced courses that will give you more expertise as online entrepreneur you need to pay for a membership. The advanced courses cost $359 annually. For a monthly subscription, it costs $49 per month with the first month of membership costing $19.


What does Premium membership offer?


Live Chat

Personal Blog

Advanced training courses

4 live video trainings per month

24×7 personal support

Host 50 websites

Affiliate programme with 2x higher payout

12 training classrooms

Unlimited keyword search and keyword list

Expert forum

Access to blog and video database

Unlimited 1-on-1 coaching

Website analysis provided

Offers website feedback and comment platform


What are the pros of Wealthy Affiliate?


Build up to two mobile friendly and visually appealing websites on any subject of interest free of cost

The program and website is user friendly for both beginner and advanced usage

Teaches you about the online business industry while helping you earn through it

Community help and knowledge at disposal

It is work from home and anyone can earn money through it

The co-founders act as mentors and are active and present in the W/A community

Live and interactive classes


What are the cons of Wealthy Affiliate?


Though, co-founder Kyle can be messaged anytime for help, he may be late to give a reply.

The free basic training is too scarce for beginners. They need to pay for better knowledge


Should you join Wealthy Affiliate?


Given that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate service, yes, you can join it. Besides, the company’s highly interactive helpful company and mentors is just the right place to launch yourself as an online entrepreneur. The training helps everyone, even if you are a beginner, to set up their business step by step. It is a work-on-hands learning experience while committing yourself to a business. The education programs combined with the business launching platform as well as an affiliate program and website hosting domain, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms to begin your business online.

I really hope you enjoyed my review and have a better understanding of what Wealthy Affiliate can offer. Be sure to stop by in the near future as I will be writing a more detailed Review on W/A in the coming weeks. Please feel free to comment and share whatever thoughts you might have, and I will get back to you ASAP!

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4 thoughts on “Reviews on Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Jojo

    What is good with Wealthy Affiliate is that their teaching is really well structured so as a beginner you can simply follow the steps and do the tasks lined out for you. This helps you avoiding “getting sidetracked” and try to do to many things at the same time.
    Wealthy Affiliate is growing all the time and this is proof that this site is offering good training and success. They give you the tools and support to start a business but the rest is up to you because it does require a lot of work to succeed.

  2. jessie palaypay

    I was lucky to have ran into wealthy affiliate this year and have just started building around my passions. I plan on starting something related to jiujitsu and entrepreneurship later on. What I really like about this program is that it doesn’t force you to just promote their program. It teaches you the basics of the affiliate marketing industry as a whole.

    One thing you mentioned about the community misleading you, what was your experience with that?


    1. joanne Post author

      Hi Jessie, thanks for reading my article. I will have to change that about community misleading you, I took some bad advice off  someone here about something and wasted some money, but that was entirely my fault so I will change that. Thanks again,


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